A Taste of Skye

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Apple and Orange zest sauce - £ 3.30

This apple sauce was quite an unusual recipe, but perfect as an accompaniement to cold meats like Lamb or ham.


No allergens

Chilli Jam - £ 3.30

Chilli jam is a Tomato based Chilli Jam, the perfect accompaniment to so many things. Great with a slow roasted Ham and a green salad, equally as good on Cheese on toast .


No allergens. 

Chilli sauce - £ 3.30

A good all round Chilli sauce, a perfect store cupboard addition.


No allergens.

Raspberry Jam - £ 3.30

There is nothing to beat a home made raspberry jam. Only fresh raspberries and sugar. Sweet ,but worth it .

220g  No allergens.

Rhubarb and Orange relish - £ 3.30

Great with a cold meats platter, or on a sandwich.

220g No allergens


Rhubarb, Red Pepper and Chilli relish - £ 3.30

A good all round relish, that goes with so many things, amd slightly unusual at the same time.


No allergens

Strawberry Jam - £ 3.30

 Strawberry Jam, delicious on toast in the morning ,or on scones at afternoon tea time.

Tangy Tomato sauce - £ 3.30

This Tomato sauce is quite different to the shop bought tomato sauces. It contains no preservatives, or colourings, and has a sweet tangy flavour. 240g

Contains no allergens.